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For the final exam Marketing at the IVA (Driebergen, NL) in 1993, Alexander Stolk did research in the market of 2K sprayed plastic coating systems based on polyurethane to apply them as wear-resistant and sound-finishing load floors and tailgates of trucks.

After graduation in 1994 he decided to become official Havo Plast dealer, a product of KVS (Korrossions, Verschleiß und Schutz Materialien GmbH) from Waldkraiburg (DE). They already successfully applied this in automotive bodyworks of companies like SPAR, Frischdienst Zentrale and EDEKA.

These companies transported many trolleys on daily basis that caused an ovoid wear by the continuous movements during transport to the polyester or wooden floors. In addition, the roll containers they used during loading and unloading produced a lot of noise.
By applying a 5 mm thick layer sprayed on Havo Plast, the wear on the floors was actively countered and rolling noises were muted by approximately 25 dB (A).
Another successful application of Havo Plast was spraying the inside of aluminum trailers and container bins which notably transported sand and gravel.
As a result, the wear was drastically reduced so that the life of the containers and thus the life of the vehicles had been extremely extended.

In the period from 1994 to 1996, we were pioneers in the field of two-component reaction hotspray coatings based on polyurethane because of our portable, for that time unique, equipment. In collaboration with Bayer Netherlands we then had the pleasure to process the product Baytec in various projects such as the protection of concrete structures in railway crossings for the TGV (high-speed train).

Rhino Linings
Eventually there was more affinity with transportion and automotive industry. So it was meant to be that in 1998 Alexander met the company Rhino Linings at the IAA in Hanover. and decided to become an official dealer of this American company. 
Rhino Linings had a cold sprayed low pressure 2K polyurethane system which was professionally applied as protection of the truck beds of pick-ups and cargo spaces of delivery vans.
Up until 2002, Alexander had been very actively working to launch these products in the market, to experiment and to create other innovative applications.

Kunststof Coatings Nederland
The demand for professional protection in vehicles and many other applications increased heavily, and therefore in 2001 Kunststof Coatings Nederland BV (KCN) was officially established.

Turbo Liner
In the meanwhile, the cold low pressure system proved outdated and KCN was confronted with the phenomenon of polyurea.
In 2003 KCN became official importer of products from USA-based company Turbo Liner which produces polyurea and polyurethane-based high pressure "hot spray" plastic coatings. Until this day we are still happy to import, distribute and use this fine line of coatings ourselves..

Meanwhile KCN has over 20 years of experience in processing and developing sprayed plastic coating systems and the company has more than 1,200 m2 premises/facilities equipped with special spray booths, shot blasting booth and workshops. Today KCN operates as applicator, training center, developer and supplier of plastic sprayed coatings, spraying equipment and related products to the European market.

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