The specialist in polyurea en polyaspartic coating applications.



KCN has very spacious coating booths, equipped with modern 2K pressure sprayers which can hold vehicles and objects to lengths of 15 meters. The cabins meet all environmental requirements and standards in the field of industrial coating.


In addition to our coating booths we also have a separate dust-free spray booth to process professional PU lacquers. In this booth the most diverse pieces of furniture, artwork, advertising objects, etc. are provided with a solid color topcoat.
With the aid of an advanced color mixing machine KCN is able to process virtually any color.


Because our facilities also feature a spacious cabin with a radius of 15 x 5 meters, we can (sand)blast in-house. Many objects and parts will undergo this process for a thorough preparation for the preservation of their metal surfaces (ferrous and non-ferrous).

A good pre-treatment is in fact necessary for proper adhesion, and forms the basis for a perfect performance and long life of our coatings.


Our in-house computer-controlled CNC cutting techniques are capable to cut all kinds of board material into shape (2D) and size.
And through excellent cooperation with various professional cutting companies, KCN also has the possibility to supply and manufacture 3D objects in EPS and other foam materials.


KCN has ample experience with industrial coating applications on location. KCN disposes of mobile spray equipment, compressors, tools and a team of experienced staff. This makes KCN able to meet challenges and advise, assist and guide processors in their projects.

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