The specialist in polyurea en polyaspartic coating applications.


Our polyurea coatings achieve their full potential when applied in an industrial environment thanks to its flexible, robust character and durable resistance to a variety of chemicals.

The application of polyurea offers the industrial sector a wide range of possibilities. The coating is ideal for a seamless, leak tight finish for your projects. The unprecedented capabilities of these sustainable polyurea coatings are both inside and outside very well applyable. Polyurea protects your projects with the wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and use-prolonging properties. For specific options you can always contact us.


In the construction sector, the coating is mainly used as waterproofing. For instance, roofs, balconies, terraces, car parks, foundations, basements, ponds, roof gardens, but the system also lends itself perfectly for seamless ceiling and wall finishes.


Within this sector, the coating is best used as waterproofing and protecting tanks and vessels as well as a very common application protecting pipelines and structures against a hostile environment and protecting concrete against chemicals or other corrosive action.

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