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Polyurea coatings and shipping /offshore are two things that cant go without each other anymore these days. Protection against the elements of weather, for example, polyurea coatings are the perfect match for steel and other (precious) metals. Polyurea protects metal much better than any paint system. Due to the rapid process of which a polyurea coating can be applied, the normal course of labour can be picked up quickly.


Hulls, decks, ballast tanks, etc., basically anything that qualifies as maritime, nautic or offshore can be protected by a polyurea coating treatment. It can be applied perfectly for the maintenance of ships, filling floats, cooling and freezing rooms. No other industry as the shipbuilding and offshore industry deals with factors such as extreme temperature fluctuations, moisture problems and expansion or contraction of materials. This branche of industry naturally sets high standards for paint systems and coatings. Our polyurea coating is ideal for ballast tanks, water tanks, holding tanks and also for seagoing ships! Both the exterior and interior of boats van be applied with polyurea as a strong finish.


Polyurea coating also finds its application in the maritime sector for innovation, renovation and repair of ship hulls, protecting walkways and port infrastructures and making them nonskid. Objects and materials that frequently get in contact with influences from weather and ocean will definatly stand the the test of time through our polyurea coatings.

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