The specialist in polyurea en polyaspartic coating applications.


Creating space

In addition to spraying polyurea coating, we also provide colleague applicators with supplies to spray polyurea. For example, we distribute spray equipment, mixers, pumps, personal protective equipment, trimming wire, primers, topcoats and of course the polyurea itself. The demand for the latter is increasing and that means that we have to stock more coating. But that also means that we need more space to store this. And thats where cretaing space comes in.


450 meters of parapet

A parapet is the part of a wall that is located between the floor and the bottom of the window frame. And that is exactly what we have treated in this project with polyurea coating.



Rocking Birds

For an aviary we made various wall panels out of EPS and provided them with a 'rock structure'. Naturally, the entire thing had to be preserved with a polyurea coating ...



Well protected species

A Rotterdam based artistic laboratory has set its sights on making the world a little more beautiful. They do this, among other things, through narrative projection artworks. We were allowed to help with...


Yellow facade

Liesbos Projects asked us to manufacture façade elements by means of an EPS / Polyurea system for a new construction to be realized for Kunststof Plus in Zoetermeer.

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