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IPM Transfer Pumps IP-02 series

IPM’s IP-02 series of pumps are specifically designed for use with difficult to handle materials. The immersed lower pump, tie tubes, and sealing bung bushing allow quick drum change without exposing the system to contamination and moisture.

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Graco Transfer Pumps T1 & T2

Ideal for moving A and B materials to Reactor proportioners.

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IPM drum mixer with rotating blades

IMP drum mixers have seld-collapsing (gravity) blades to allow insertion through a standard 2" drum bung.

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Graco Expanding Blade Agitator

Air-Driven Expanding Blade Bung-Mounted Agitators. Quick installation agitator for sealed containers

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WireTrim ProLine

ProLine, our benchmark product, is the original double-sided edge-cutting tape, known for its unique high-tack, co-polymer adhesive that sticks instantly while allowing for unlimited repositioning. This is our most popular trimming tape and has become the industry standard, used to trim virtually every type of spray-on truck bed liner.

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KCN Quick Coating Cleaner

For cleaning coated objects, floors, walls, facades, loading bays, furniture etc.

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KCN Strong Lacquer & Adhesive Cleaner

Powerful and safe cleaner for many highly reactive adhesives, epoxies, water-soluble paints, additives and compounds.

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