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Submerged in orange


OFFSHORE | The past week has been busy because of this orange monstrosity. Is it a space capsule? Is it a pokemon? Is it a mutant tangerine? No, it's a diving bell!

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Get your motor running!


SUMMER | The roads have been cleared from anti-snow brine so the motorcycles can come out of the garage and play! We look back on various motorcycles we coated in the past two years.

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Outdoor cookin'


BBQ | With trending TV shows like MasterChef, Grill Masters, Topchef and everything else that's on 24Kitchen, cooking is more hip and happening than ever before.

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A new coat for our Truckcenter


MAINTENANCE | Our landlord thought i was time for a new coat of paint for the Truckcenter that is 'home'. Thankfully, they decided to go with something more durable then just a paintjob.

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Mini ship-pilot


MINI MARITIME | The Dutch Pilotage authority recently sent us pictures of the ship-pilot simulator we coated and painted a while back. Great!

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Museum square furniture


WOODWORK | At first glance it does not seem much, the elements that the men of Heijmerink Wagemakers are securing onto this low-loader. But make no mistake ...

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Soup and Design


DESIGN | Last week the prestigious design festival, Dutch Design Week, took place. Famous design artist Maarten Baas openend his own exposition inclusing a pop-up restaurant...

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Good things come to those who sweat


YOGA| Since this summer Amsterdam has a new Yoga studio called: EQUAL We were asked to do a protective durable polyuria coating on the very stylish interior of the changing rooms.

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Let's start again


ARCHITECTURE | Artist and architect John Körmeling doenst agree with the way the city council has changed the look of the old VDMA building in Eindhoven. Thats why...

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Keeping bridge


HOUSE | The Meinesleatbrêge in Akkrum (Friesland) was in dire need of renovation. In the peak-season thirty thousand boats pass along this bridge so the renovation was done in the winter.

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Working like an ant


SPRING| The days are getting longer, the sun pops up more and more, flowers are flourishing and all kind of cute animals appear. Lams, piglets,youg kittsen, huge ass monster ants, calves and so on! Spring it is!

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Load and unload


MINI | Earlier this month loads of containers got unloaded at KCN. Little baby containers! Bright coloured blocks that are normally in the port of the miniature theme park of Madurodam :)

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A historic paddling pool


Between 1947 and 1978 architect Aldo van Eyck designed hundreds of special playgrounds in Amsterdam. They formed the physcal translation for Van Eycks theories about places and spaces.

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INNOVATION | We recently have become the official Dutch distributor of Tecnopol  from Spanje. So from now on we can use and sell their program of specialized pure polyurea's.

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Just sandy!


INDUSTRIAL | We have a client that specialises in making industrial sanding equipment and complete sanding cabines. Recently we got asked to make a durable lining for a sandblasting cabinet.

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Happy Camper


HOLIDAYS| We have a tip for you or someone you know that is going on holiday with their camper van! Namely... (you guessed it) coating!

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Plaza Piece

DESIGN | At the end of 2016 we reported about a bunch of large wooden elements for a special piece of design furniture that we were about to a layer of coating on. The project is finished now and it looks cool!

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Take a beating


TV | It's summer and that calls for 'outdoor television''. Truckloads of reporters that go criss cross around the country to report the news, camera teams that visit the different music festivals, and...

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Joined the club


FRESH MEAT | Good news! We have a new collegue! His name is Jeroen Hinkenkemper and he used to work at company that we have a customer/supllier relationship with. So he has a lot of experience with...

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Student housing


TURQOISE | I dont know if its a hype or anything but we had to apply a lot of turqoise topcoats lately. Yoga studio's, school furniture and now shower rooms...

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Sit or stand


FURNITURE | Earlier this month our subsidiary company, KCN Automotive, was attending a fair where they were promoting Turbo Liner coating for the automotive sector. We helped them out a bit.

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In tha boathouse


We're in Urk! Yeah...Urk! Maybe you know it as the biggest fishing community in The Netherlands but we were there to do a coating on a boathouse of the KNRM (royal sea rescue institute).

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Happy holidays!


If you read this then we would already like to wish you a (white?) christmas and a very awesome new year! Lets make 2018 a year with cool projects and durable coating. The past 15 years we did just that so why would 2018 be different ;-)

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Free tickets for the Material Xperience 2018


Material Xperience, the leading event for (interior) architects and creative professionals focused on material innovation, is being held this year on tuesday 13 to thursday 15 March. And we are taking part!

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The Xperience is over


Material Xperience 2018 is over. It were three beautifull days though.Our understanding is that there were around 8.500 visitors at the event. We had a good time preaching the polyurea gospel.

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New strip


For our national rescue teams we make a lot of keel strips. Those are wear resistent layers at the bottom side of the rescue vehicles. We apply these layers to make sure the keels are not immediatly busted...

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Turn up the volume


We have a fine selection of polyurea coating, all with different properties that can handle a wide array of applications. But now, we got a really special one!

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An oldy but an arty


Our customer/supplier Kjoew showed us some old photo's from an old project we did together 10 years ago. How cool is that? It was a very peculiar piece of art.

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New patio in old water


The sun is shining on a wonderfull villa in the idyllic countryside of the Dutch town Oudewater (literal trabslation Old Water). It’s a great contrast between the men in white suits...

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Large dump trucks, large fuel tanks


We provide a lot of industrial objects with a polyurea coating. The big boys (fuel tanks) you see on the photo clearly belong to the category of industrial objects. 

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Boat in a boat


Picture it, you are partying on your luxury cruiser in the middle of the ocean and you finished all your beer! If you have only had a garage on board with a small speedy boat so you could quickly get to the...

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Coating in your cargo van! Come take a look!


Our subsidiary company KCN Automotive has again registered for the Van Expo in Houten (Utrecht). KCN Automotive specializes in the durable protection of pick-up truck beds and cargo spaces of vans.

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Beach house maintenance


It's autumn and that means that beach season is gone with the wind. The perfect time for the owner of this beach house to do some maintenance. And because he doesnt want to do maintenace every year...

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Happy holidays!


Let the countdown begin....

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Robust is an understatement


The last couple of months we have been extremely busy with a very cool militairy project from DEBA Trucks, namely the ANACONDA!

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Crystal clear coating cabin


We have multiple spray booths and coating cabins. But the largest one of all we disrespectfull call 'the grotto'. Because most of the time we spray black coating in that facility. It's time for a fresh new start...

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If the clog fits...


It is the slogan for the new employee recruitment campaign of Fraciscus Guesthouse & Vlietland. And for promotion they had an open house with this coated clog as their symbol. 

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25 years of full spectrum


Avantes celebrated their 25th anniversary yesterday. And what a way to do it! The Apeldoorn based leader in spectrometers unveiled a blow-up of one of these high-tech light spectrum meters yesterday. And we were part of the team that made this enormous 'instrument'.

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The word 'monolith' has several meanings, but the two most important are 1) Large structure made from one piece 2) Part of a building. So this project has got it all covered :)

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If you are reading this then we would like to wish you a very good christmas and a very fruitful new year! Lets make 2020 another year filled with durable coating projects. 

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Yellow facade


Liesbos Projects asked us to manufacture façade elements by means of an EPS / Polyurea system for a new construction to be realized for Kunststof Plus in Zoetermeer.

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Well protected species

A Rotterdam based artistic laboratory has set its sights on making the world a little more beautiful. They do this, among other things, through narrative projection artworks. We were allowed to help with...

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Rocking Birds


For an aviary we made various wall panels out of EPS and provided them with a 'rock structure'. Naturally, the entire thing had to be preserved with a polyurea coating ...


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450 meters of parapet


A parapet is the part of a wall that is located between the floor and the bottom of the window frame. And that is exactly what we have treated in this project with polyurea coating.


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Creating space


In addition to spraying polyurea coating, we also provide colleague applicators with supplies to spray polyurea. For example, we distribute spray equipment, mixers, pumps, personal protective equipment, trimming wire, primers, topcoats and of course the polyurea itself. The demand for the latter is increasing and that means that we have to stock more coating. But that also means that we need more space to store this. And thats where cretaing space comes in.

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Best wishes!


THANKS | At the end of the year we would like to thank you for the confidence and pleasant cooperation.

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One throne to rule them all


FANTASY | The Iron Throne, the strong symbol of the popular television series Game of Thrones is even stronger now!

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I.M. Sjoerd Didden


R.I.P. | With a bewildering shock we had to learn that on February 21 of this year Sjoerd Didden died...

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Online in a new jacket!


WEBSITE | It was time for a new website! And what you seen now ... is precisely that!

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Surfs up!


COMPLETED | In February, our team has been involved in making a seamless coating in the washrooms of surf school Hart Beach ...

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ING House


THE LAST STRAW | We are engaged in the building project of the new ING House, head office of ING Insurance, entrance.

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Clap skate or pilferer


COMPLETED | As you couldve red in our last news update, we have provided for the coating that should take care of the new entrance of the Infinity building in Amsterdam.

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Bark up the right tree


FLORA | Summer is around the corner! It is time that we bring out the flowers, and in our case, trees.

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Guardians of the...


BAYWATCH | We are pleased to help the KNRM once again by coating one of their lifeboats.

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School's out for summer


RECESS | The summer holidays are in full swing so we have time to coat the ultra modern break room of the Segbroek College!

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Water battle

WATER WORLD | Nemo Science Center has a brand new exhibition component. We were able to provide this special table with a smooth and solid coating!

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Curious cabinets


DESIGN | An ingenious concept by Edward van Vliet: Album Armarium. Existing filing cabinets transformed into unique storage units.

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BedrijfsAutoRai 2015


AUTOMOTIVE | Our subsidiary, KCN Motors, will be part of an automotive fair next week at the Amsterdam RAI.  Of course we helped by spraying their booth with coating!

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Fire Brigade Commando Units


SPECIALS | These high tech Fire Command Units are very special. Every time we are asked by DRV Group to do the coating of these awesome beasts its a real honour.

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A new year with new things!


BEST WISHES | Ofcourse we'd like to wish everyone a prosperous new year! But also we have to announce something cool...

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EPS is going good


AIRPOP | As mentioned in our previous update, since january 2016 we have a new workshop dedicated to EPS (styrofoam). 

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Planters as far as the eye can see


SPRING | Meteorological Spring has begun and that means everyone is getting their gardens ready. And it shows because our EPS + coating planters are flying of the shelves!

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