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Avantes celebrated their 25th anniversary yesterday. And what a way to do it! The Apeldoorn based leader in spectrometers unveiled a blow-up of one of these high-tech light spectrum meters yesterday. 

Our subsidiary company EPS-Solutions is the one is you need hard foam to be cut in a 2D fashion. But Jules Dock Shaping is the company you need for milling hard foam in 3D shapes. And that is the reason that they were able to shape this spectrometer from PIR foam. Complex forms such as these are theit everyday business.

We checked the 2 meter long colossus Jules DOck supplied and smoothened it out by applying filler and sending it to a smooth whole. After that we were able to start coating quite quickly. We started with a thick layer of gray polyurea. The inside sprayed with a fine mist structure and the outside slick and smooth. Then we sanded the outside completely so that it became even smoother and we repeated the spraying process again.

Then it was time for a black topcoat, which can be applied in a mirror-smooth manner due to the work mentioned above. It also makes a difference that we have a colleague who for almost 20 years applied carpaint for Mercedes-Benz :)

There also were a lot of loose parts that all needed different treatment since they had to imitate parts that are made of different materials in an original spectrometer. For example, there are some metal elements in a spectrometer. To imitate these, we wrapped the coated parts with mirror wrap film. The other parts we simply gave a different color top layer of paint.

All in all, the result is spot on! Especially after Jules Dock has put the finishing touches on it. Because as you can see in the video below, they have made it look like the spectrometer is working like it should with the prism and all. Very nice!


Bron hoofdfoto:  Ondernemen055
Bron video: Stichting RTV Apeldoorn 


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