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A parapet is the part of a wall that is located between the floor and the bottom of the window frame. And that is exactly what we have treated in this project with polyurea coating. Approx. 450 meter of parapet on the inside of a factory to be more precise.

The customer wanted the space in this factory to be seamless as much as possible. That is the reason that the walls are seamlessly coated with polyurea up untill the window frames .
But first everything had to be shielded so coating couldnt get to place where it shouldnt be. We therefore had to cover a large part of the floor and also cover the windows above the parapet walling. We also had to tape off all columns, beams, pipes and braces. In addition, there were cracks in some parts of the wall that we carefully sealed and leveled out. We had to seal of seams all around the parapet as well so all in all we have been doing preliminary work for multiple days.
But after all that we rolled out the extraction hoses because there, as mentioned, 450 meters of hotspraying to do. To create the correct thickness, we provided all walls with three layers of coating. After giving each segment that three layers, it was immediately textured so the walls became nicely matte. Esthetically much nicer then shiny tiles. The video below shows how it's done. We did this for a couple of days and then we unpacked everything. Ofcourse the end result was neat and tight like you wouldn't believe :)

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