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Between 1947 and 1978 architect  Aldo van Eyck designed hundreds of special playgrounds in Amsterdam. They formed the physcal translation for Van Eycks theories about places and spaces. Of all the playgrounds he designed there were just 90 left in 2001. These have gotten the stamp historical monuments. This also goes for the paddling pool in the Oosterpark.

Last year design agency Carve realised a new universal object in the pool that fits the original dsign and at the same time makes it more modern. In the veign of Van Eyck this object had no specific form. It is possible for children to climb and glide this sculptural 'airbubble' that rises above the water.

Alas this new object was executed too smoothly so it became somewhat slippery thus unsafe. So we were called in to coat the object in a very durable and non-skit polyurea. This week we put up a tent and have been degreasing and sanding the bubble. Then next week we will spray a few milimiters of our special coating and then we will put on a white topcoat. 

In june the pool will filled up with water and be opened to the public once more. This summer is going to be a good one, and a safe one!

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