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MAINTENANCE | Our landlord thought i was time for a new coat of paint for the Truckcenter that is 'home'. Thankfully, they decided to go with something more durable then just a paintjob. So we got asked to do a nice polyaspartic coating.

Through the use of a Polyaspartic coating it is possible to manipulate the reaction time. This allows us to extend the time we need to work significantly. Thus, it is possible to apply the product with rollers. Fortunately, a polyaspartic has the dame properties as a polyurea. In addition, the product is UV-stable and thus will not go yellow. It is therefore often used as a topcoat to seal an aromatic polyurea.

Before we could coat everyting in nice pearly white we first had to strip the old paint from the walls using high-pressure cleaners. Then we put on a primer, sanded the whole building and put on another primer. All in all a lot of work but theTruckcenter never looked as good as this and it is well protected against the elements for the years to come!


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