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Ofcourse we'd like to wish everyone a prosperous new year! But also we have to announce something cool...
Namely our brandnew department; EPS Solutions.

EPS Solutions is entirely going to focus on polystyrene (EPS) for purposes like:
- Advertising and promotionals
- Furniture and interior design
- Specialist packaging
- Custom made isolation
- Industrial purposes

For this new department we've assigned a new colleague; Mark de Kok. Welcome!
New to KCN but not new to EPS (Styrofoam). He has years of experience as a 3D-designer and EPS-miller/-cutter..

Besides Marko we have also purchased a state of the art machine that cuts styrofoam like its butter.

We thought it was a smart move to work with EPS because we have noticed that a large part of the KCN customer base consisted of people who wanted to make a promotional object for marketing purposes, pieces of art or a base for some industrial construction. Those people would go to someone that worked with EPS and THEN came to us to coat the EPS object for sustainability. So now those people can come directly to us for the object as well as the coating!

For more information, keep your eyes on the webdomain  because we are working on a special portfolio.
In the meantime; do not hesitate to ask for more information about manufacturing 3D objects from EPS!

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