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Our customer/supplier Kjoew showed us some old photo's from an old project we did together 10 years ago. How cool is that? It was a very peculiar piece of art.

This design is made by graphic designer and artist Dick Hoogendoorn. This column stands in front of the Promen building in Gouda. Promen is a social employment company. The artwork represents a movement from outside to inside and from there back outside. Its a symbol for the labor reintegration of Promen.

The whole thing is made by advertising agency Kjoew. They re-used the light boxes that were on the facade as signage. Metal was bend and welded, plastic was cut and rearranged and new materials like the circle shapes were added. We coated those elements with a protective polyurea so mother nature and father time can not affect the object.

So far so good, because when we saw these old photo's we were curious about how it looks like right now. And what do you know? It's exactly how we left it ten years ago:)


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