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FLORA | Summer is around the corner! It is time that we bring out the flowers, and in our case, trees. because we have something cool to offer; tree pots!
Of course, coated against the elements of nature. The people who have visited us in the past have seen our huge floer pots outside of the entrance.
Flower pot isnt the right term, we should say tree pot because theyre home of small trees. This tree pots are perfect to decorate company buildings or large areas that could use some brightening up.

Other companies also offer large flower pots but they are often made of plastic and can therefore be easily broken. Ours are made out of PU with a thick layer of polyurea and are therefore 'vandal proof'. We have three standard sizes: Ø80 cm, Ø100 cm and Ø120 cm. Available in any color you want. Give us a call or email for pricing and extra information.

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