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It's autumn and that means that beach season is gone with the wind. The perfect time for the owner of this beach house to do some maintenance. And because he doesnt want to do maintenace every year, he has decided to protect this cottage with polyurea. Thats why he brought it to us :)

But first we have to do a lot of prepping. The original coating of this little house was a sort of latex, so we had to peel all that of first. A nice skeleton of EPS and wood remained. Our subsidary compant EPS Solutions filled up this skeleton with extra EPS and PUR foam for better insulation and overall more 'body'.

After that we plastered the whole thing to create a smooth surface as base for the coating. Edges have been sharpened and the surface has been filled up nicely. And last; we had to cover all the doos and windows so the glass would get all overspray. So now he's ready to be rolled into our coating cabin. As we speak we are making special custom made wheels so the house wont collapse while moving.

When the beach house has been coated we ofcourse will show it on our website so keep surfing to us to check it out ;)

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