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Our subsidiary, KCN Motors, will be part of an automotive fair next week at the Amsterdam RAI. They are there to show their cargo floors and side panels for protection in commercial vehicles (this brand is called 'Hebic').
But also KCN Motors will show our coating brand 'Turbo Liner' which is used in commercial vehicles as sprayed cargo space protection.
The latter is where Kunststof Coating Nederland will help out.

The booth was designed so that both brands (Hebic & Turbo Liner) can be represented on their own but also as a combination. Symbolic of the perfect synergy between both products.
Because normally our automotive part (KCN Motors) will start putting up wall panneling and a cargo floor inside the vehicle. And when thats has been installed, only then we will cover those panels with our Turbo Liner hotspray coating. So it's really a combination that gives the vvehicle an INDESTRUCTIBLE treatment. We even give vehicles a lifetime guarantee of protection.

Of course Kunststof Coatings Nederland did the coating of the Turbo Liner side of the booth. Grey polurea coating.
The other side is completely in natural birch plywood to indicate the Hebic cargo space paneling.

Do not hesitate to visit our automotive booth and drink some with our automotive salesmen.
The KCN Motors booth (nr. 110) is located in Hall 1. The BedrijfswagenRai is from october 20 to october 24th.

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