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Picture it, you are partying on your luxury cruiser in the middle of the ocean and you finished all your beer! If you have only had a garage on board with a small speedy boat so you could quickly get to the liquor store on land... if only!

Well, the yacht builder where we were, not too long ago, had such a ship with a built in garage! And when the entire ship is done, there will be a Williams Jet Tender stalled in that very garage. In other words, a boat in a boat!

Anyway; we were allowed to provide this ‘boat on a boat garage’ with a protective polyurea coating. You can imagine that such a boat, which is pushed into the water all the time and is put back into that garage, will cause serious wear and tear at some point. The salty seawater that continuously comes along does not really help either. Heavy corrosion is ofcourse the result if you do not apply a layer of rustproof coating.

So we had our work cut out for us. Everything that should not be treated had to be taped off and a tent had to be built all over the garage to prevent overspray on the luxury ship. Then we applied a thick layer of polyurea coating to the floor, rails, walls, flap and separate hatches. Ready to be properly used. Party on!

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