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As you could've red in our last news update, we have provided for the coating that should take care of the new entrance of the Infinity building in Amsterdam. (also known as the clap skate or pilferer:)).

Because we have nothing further to add to the news published on the blog of Advisory BouAd, we will post it below simply again:

"In early June, the new entrance of the Infinity building (formerly ING House) to the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam inaugurated. The entrance, designed by MVSA Architects, is a complex structure. The challenge was in the transition of the legs of the canopy overflow in a flowing movement in the horizontal plane. The stand materials werent sufficient for this special design.

Finally, in consultation with contractor BAM HABO, we decided to carry out the awning completely in wood and then finish with a polyurea coating. This coating is extremely strong and flexible so that even in the black color guarantees could be issued on the finish.

With the completion of this project, the entrance does the building justice. "

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