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Our subsidiary company KCN Automotive has again registered for the Van Expo in Houten (Utrecht). KCN Automotive specializes in the durable protection of pick-up truck beds and cargo spaces of vans. And all of that, of course, with our polyurea hotspray.

Pick-ups are sanded before they are coated. After coating you then have a 2 to 3 mm thick layer of wear-resistant plastic in your bed. Indestructable!

But with vans there is more to it than a little sanding. With a van, we first have to make panelling that fits in the area. Floor panelling, side panelling and door panelling. We mount these with adhesive these with adhesive and screws. The we fill up the screw holes and all the seems with special putty and adhesive. Then we sand everything so it will all be smooth and seemless. After that we cover it all in a special primer and let it simmer over night. Only then, the polyurea can be applied.

These treatments are so good that KCN Automotive issues a car-long warranty in the form of a certificate upon delivery. Have you never seen such a pick-up or van with coating in the cargo area? Come and take a look at the Van Expo 2018! Get a complimentary ticket! Click HERE for that free ticket.

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