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In addition to spraying polyurea coating, we also provide colleague applicators with supplies to spray polyurea. For example, we distribute spray equipment, mixers, pumps, personal protective equipment, trimming wire, primers, topcoats and of course the polyurea itself. The demand for the latter is increasing and that means that we have to stock more coating. But that also means that we need more space to store this. And thats where cretaing space comes in.
Polyurea consists of two components that are packed in drums of 200 liters per component. And if you want to keep dozens of drums in stock all the time, you need proper space for that. In our building we have enough space, but the storage of polyurea must meet very specific requirements. One of those requirements is a continuously heated container that cannot be kept under your own roof.
We already have such containers on our site, but as mentioned, the demand for polyurea is increasing. Keeping different types of coatings in stock is also a thing. Long story short, we invested last month and sacrificed part of our site to create extra space for even more drum storage. A super fancy container in which we can store about 50 drums now flaunts opposite of the existing containers. And all according to the European environmental guidelines of course :)

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