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We have multiple spray booths and coating cabins. But the largest one of all we disrespectfull call 'the grotto'. Because most of the time we spray black coating in that facility. And in the course of time the black spray over has turned in in a dark room. Even while we refresh the floor and walls monthly! Time for a fresh breath of air :)

The last two weeks have been a little hectic here because we let a company do a big renovation in the grotto. The most important things are the enormous blower units en two humongous exhaust units in the ceiling. Next to that two new overhead doors have been placed and on the walls and ceiling there is now new and extra lighting.

So not only the overspray of the coating will be better redirected by the new air current in the cabin but also eveything will bedouble illuminated. The old grotto was already better then what all the standarizations ask of you as a company but now in the new crystal cabin it is even better. Almost futuristic.

We coated a few items already in our new and improved cabin and it works super good! We want more!


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