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SUMMER | The roads have been cleared from anti-snow brine so the motorcycles can come out of the garage and play! We look back on various motorcycles we coated in the past two years.

These were different (coincidentally all) BMW motorcycles we have been coating. Well parts of them at least. We used a black polyurea. 
Why coat a motorcycle you ask? For the simple reason that the things you love the most are the things you use the most! And with our coating you can use, and love, these items for a long time! 
In short, polyurea coating is perfect for a motorcycle.

We have, over the years, coated a lot of motorcycles, ordinary bicycles, scooters and even quads. But to be honest, these rugged, all black, robust structured BMWs have been our favorite.

Do you have an engine that you want to cover in a protective coating, please do not forget to contact us through

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