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HOLIDAYS| We have a tip for you or someone you know that is going on holiday with their camper! Namely... (you guessed it) coating!
Here in The Netherlands we are used to some hail once in a while. Little icy stones that are approximatly 2 to 7 mm in size. Nothing to worry about. But if you go across our borders to lets say France, Spain, Greece and Italy... well then you are up for a treat! Hailstones in these countries can gow up to multiple centimeters! You can imagine; the roof of your camper van is not going to like that!

If your camper van has aluminum roofing then its not that big of a deal because the hail will leave some dents and thats it. Who cares right? Because it s a roof.
But if the roof of your camper is made out of polyester then you will have a bigger problem because the biggest hailstones can make rips and tears that will lead directly to leakage. We kid you not.

With a thick layer of polyurea coating this will never be a problem again! The roof will be rip, dent and tear free and will be made completely seamless and waterproof. And also because of this the seams that are filled with silicone will never have to be replaced again. Normally you have to replace these because once in a few years the silicone will dry out.
But the biggest advantage offcourse is that you wont ever have to be afraid of a hailstorm again! Because replacing roof panels takes a lot of time and money.

Interested? Be sure to end us a message.

Have a great holiday!

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