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R.I.P. | With a bewildering shock we had to learn that on February 21 of this year Sjoerd Didden died.

From the mid-eighties Sjoerd worked as a wig maker for film, television and especially musicals.
We knew Sjoerd as a happy and positive person with wild ideas. We can look back with pride at our collaboration to realize the Didden Village.
Didden Village (2007), an addition on the roof of a former clothing workshop in Rotterdam. Three bedrooms were housed in separate cottages striking, surreal mini city as an extension of the skyline. The houses were given a coating of bright blue polyurea.
One of the most bizarre projects we have ever allowed to do and we still look back this project with very much pleasure and pride! Hopefully Didden Village may exist for a very long time as the legacy of Sjoerd.
We want to thank Sjoerd and also express our sincere sympathy to Gies and her children.

Sjoerd Didden died at the age of 54.

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