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It is the slogan for the new employee recruitment campaign of Fraciscus Guesthouse & Vlietland. They have a wonderful selection of incredibly honorable vacancies in the healthcare sector. And for promotion they had an open day on March 16 where you could get a taste of this valuable sector. The enormous clogs, which we treated with polyurea and special topcoating, were therefore beautifully displayed as a non-hierarchical symbol for the daily practice in this beautiful hospital organization, with no fewer than five locations, 4.600 employees and around 350 specialists!
Het Gevonden Voorwerp had this cleverly chosen symbol blown up and milled from EPS foam. We were then allowed to tighten up the styrofoam blow-ups by processing them with special filler and sanding. Then we drowned them in primer and a day later we started coating. A gray-colored 2K hot spray that we have applied over the styrofoam in 1-2 mm. And because this is a hard coating, we were able to fine-sand that layer again so that you get a really nice smooth base. And on that basis we put a neatly white topcoat. We had that hardened and covered with paper so that we could then apply the characteristic bright red layer. As a finishing touch, we also carefully applied the 'seams' to the hospital clog with several layers of extra topcoat.
All in all a big eye catcher and it worked great on the open day. If you have missed it and are interested? View the Fraciscus Guesthouse & Vlietland promo here:

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