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We're in Urk! Yeah...Urk! Maybe you know it as the biggest fishing community in The Netherlands but we were there to do a coating on a boathouse of the KNRM (royal sea rescue institute).

The history of this particular rescuing team goes back to 1825 when the brothers Goekoop saw it necessary to have an own wooden rowing boat to rescue people in need.

Since that time a lot has happened. Nowaydays the rescuing station has about 20 volunteers, some very heavy equipped lifeguard boats and now a fancy new boathouse.

W are going to pimp it some more by waterproofing the inside of the boat house with a thick layer of Technocoat. This polyurea membrane will cover the flooring and walls of the workspace, changing room, toilets and office space. And when thats done we will finish these 175 square meters with a special topcoat.

But before we finish all this we will let you take a little peek at the prepwork. 

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