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INDUSTRIAL | We have a client that specialises in making industrial sanding equipment and complete sanding cabines. Recently we got asked to make a durable lining for a sandblasting cabinet.

A sandblasting cabinet like this is a metal box with holes for your arms and a window to see what youre doing. This way you can sandblast relatively small objects without having a giant sanding cabin. Superb for companies that dont have a lot of space. And its very safe as well.

But you can imagine that over time such a sandblasting cabin will get sandblasted itself as well.​ Thats not the intention so thats were we come in. We apply a very durable wear-resistant layer of polyurea coating so this cabin can take a lot of extra years.

The only problem is that the coating has to be on the inside of the cabinet. And because its not that large of a cabinet its difficult to get inside to do all the preparation. And the coating itself has to be done from above. But not to worry! The capable hands of our coaters and preppers did a perfect job! :)

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