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We provide a lot of industrial objects with a polyurea coating. Often these are objects that are used intensively but may not get affected by chemicals, wear and tear, extreme temperature differences, beating and so on. The big boys (fuel tanks) you see on the photo clearly belong to the category of these industrial objects.

There is a whole other reason why we like to treat these types of objects in contrast to something that is going to be used aesthetically. For instance with designer furniture, we will try to make the protective layer as beautiful as possible. And often the top coat is of great importance.

This is not particularly the main focus with industrial objects. There is a much more functional reason behind those coatings. The type of protective layer and the masking work is given priority. In every type of industry there are (machine) parts, tools or accessories that have a specific purpose. And that is why you cannot just dredge everything in the coating. The layer thickness is important because it has to protect well, but the part still has to fit in place. In addition, there often are all kinds of entrances, add-ons, transitions, screw threads and separate parts on an object that may not be coated. In addition to coating itself, masking an object is really a separate discipline. See the photos below for certain details.

We also thought it was fun to show where the fuel tanks, which we have recently delivered, ultimately go into. A dumper truck of 80 tons! Not too shabby huh?

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