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MINI | Earlier this month loads of containers got unloaded at KCN. Little baby containers! Bright coloured blocks that are normally in the port of the miniature theme park of Madurodam :)

Here you can load and unload container ships with a real crane just like a real port worker. You must put the containers you are unloading in the right place. I can really recommend this game for kids (and adults that just like to play with tiny cranes :)

We have coated these mini containers multiple times already. They are metal blocks with little weights in them. We give them a protective coating and then a bright coloured topcoat. But because these blocks get handled by thousands of people everyday these blocks will wear out unfortunatly. Even if we put a thick layer of coating on them.  But thats not a problem for us, so once in while we strip the blocks and give them a new coat. A major task even if theyre just small blocks. But it really pays of when we visit Madurodam once in a while and see those little portworkers load and unload those tiny containers.

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