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The word 'monolith' has several meanings, but the two most important are 1) Large structure made from one piece 2) Part of a building. So this project has got it all covered :)

The Van Ginkel Group is one of the oldest and largest gardening companies in the Netherlands. But they do so much more than just regular gardening work! The project that we were allowed to realize is a good example; a giant piece of 'garden furniture'.
We showed the special design to our colleagues from subsidiary KCN EPS-Solutions and they immediately felt like putting their hot wire in a block of styrofoam :)
The furniture had to become approx. 8.5 x 4 x 1.5 meters but light in weight. Our engineers therefore devised a light but very sturdy construction. As a result, they adapted the 3D design and the design could be divided into several cutting parts.
The basis was made by a carefully thought-out metal frame and here was further built on with EPS parts. The seating surfaces were covered with special strong but lightweight plates that we could mill exactly to size.
After a few weeks the construction was finished and we could proceed to applying adhesive, smoothening everything out with filler and then sanding the lot. Everything had to be seamless and sleek so that one shape would really arise after coating. Also the table that we had manufactured separately had to be mounted before we started coating. And before we could coat, the entire piece of furniture also had to be provided with a primer that neatly seals the EPS foam and makes the coating adhere even better.
Time for the first layer of coating. A few millimeters of polyurea over the entire surface. The coating was then completely sanded and once again filled with special putty. A guarantee that it is now extremely smooth.
Then the second layer of coating. A few more millimeters of our extremely durable polyurea hotspray.
The coating itself is not color stable in sunlight, so we use a strong 2K topcoat for that. A very specific light gray-green color was the wish of the customer. No problem. We have professional paint sprayers in house so the furniture was in an even layer in no time. Perfect.
The last problem was transportation. How do you get an 8.5 x 4 sofa transported in one piece? A specific lowloader from Zevenhuizen to Amsterdam in the night / early morning offered a solution. The colossus was hoisted on the roof of a building by crane where the people of Van Ginkel installed everything neatly. We will receive more photos of the finished roof soon. But all in all, this has been a cool project.

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