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The sun is shining on a wonderfull villa in the idyllic countryside of the Dutch town Oudewater (literal trabslation Old Water). It’s a great contrast between the men in white suits with masks and guns with hoses that are attached to an even whiter truck that’s is pumping away some industrial fluids 😊

Ofcourse the men in white suits are our people from KCN. And they are there at the villa for good reason. The terrace, patio or whatever you call the outside area of this beautifull place, is going to be renewed completely. So smart thinking of the owner to make a waterproof base. So, that’s what our white suited people were doing: spraying a thick layer of Tecnocoat P2049. It’s a tough watertight membrane that is applied with high pressure and heat in order to generate a homogeneous protective layer. The perfect base for roofing and projects like this.

When the whole thing has been coated we will put all the photo’s we’ve shot on our website and maybe even a video on Youtube. So keep checkin’ our website.

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