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It was time for a new website! And what you seen now ... is precisely that!
Some 12 years ago, almost 2 years after the creation of Kunststofcoatings Coatings Netherlands, the first website of KCN was launched into the worldwide web.
At that time it was more of a digital business card than a real extensive website with loads of information.
In 2011 there occurred a rigorous make-over. The website looked nice and modern and had a reasonable online portfolio and comprehensive information about our activities. Until today we, and our relations, used this website with great pleasure. But...'s 2015 and a lot has happened, so it is time for another website. Purely because the former wasnt being held sufficiently up-to-date. New projects and relevant developments in the company were not put in the spotlight. We simply wanted to tell a lot more to our visitors and show what we actually do.
Thus, this website has been build. Anyone wo wants to know something about what we do or our dealer products; you can now find enough information, or at least find enough contact info to request additional information.
So without further ado i'd like to say; look around, leave a message in our guestbook, please visit our newly created social media channels or sign up for the newsletter that we will send once a month.

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