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BBQ | With trending TV shows like MasterChef, Grill Masters, Topchef and everything else that's on 24Kitchen, cooking is more hip and happening than ever before. And BBQ-ing in general has never stopped being cool. So why not combine the two with the Buytenkeuken by Oskamp Interiors.

Is cooking is more than a passion to you then just a daily activity? Do you have space in your garden for something special? The the Buyten Kitchen is the ultimate outdoor furniture for you! Let it be tailored to your wishes and integrate a modern barbeque or even better; a Green Egg!

These rugged outdoor kitchens are custom built by Oskamp Interior and made durable with a thick layer of polyurea coating by us. External influences will not hurt the coated parts of the furniture! With such a Buytenkeuken you will have fun loads of summers long ;)

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