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DESIGN | At the end of 2016 we reported about a bunch of large wooden elements for a special piece of design furniture that we were about to a layer of coating on. The project is finished now and it lo
So, yeah, we coated this large bench-structure with a thick layer of polyurea because it will be used very intensely by people who are waiting or just want to do a little reading or rest for a second because it went to the museum that this piece is a part of.
The 'plaza furniture piece' is originally designed by  Danielle van der Waard and build by studio Heijmerink Wagemakers.
Danielle was asked by Museum Rotterdam to create a central point for the 'History of the City' exposition where visitors can work interactively within the theme of the exposition.
If you are in Rotterdam, go take a look for yourself at Museum Rotterdam. Or just look at the photograps taken by Caren Huygelen:

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