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The last couple of months we have been extremely busy with a very cool project from DEBA Trucks, namely the ANACONDA!
The Anaconda is the very first 4x4 DMV (Dutch Militairy Vehicle) voor the Dutch troops in the Caribbean. 
This vehicle has been completely designed by DEBA and it has been configurated with the exact specifications of the Dutch Ministry of Defense. In other words: DEBA produced one bad ass all terrain army vehicle!

KCN got to coat all the coachwork, flooring and dashboard parts with an extremely wear resistant polyurea hotspray and a camouflage topcoat. It was a lot of work because there were some 50 parts per vehicle. And in total DEBA had an order for 46 vehicles of which 36 vehicles has to be officialy handed over to the marines in Curacao on the 31st of january!
So all those individual parts had to be sanded, carefully taped/covered, primered, coated two times and topcoated. A pretty hefty job but so far so good! At the moment we are dotting the i's for those first 36 vehicles. We think DEBA  and the Dutch Ministry of Defense can be proud with this scoop of a project.

Read more about the Anaconda on the website of DEBA Trucks.


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