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We have produced various 3Deco wall elements for an aviary. Our colleagues from the EPS Solutions department cut the EPS250 panels to size on the hotwire machine. Then with special burners they created a 'rock structure' based on photos of the natural habitat of the birds that are placed in the aviaries. Holes have also been cut in the walls where eventually the birds can fly from the outdoor flights to the indoor enclosures. And as a bonus, loose 'stones' from EPS have been formed, on which food can be placed.

Naturally, the entire thing had to be preserved with a polyurea coating system because the walls are mounted both inside and outside, but also because the EPS (styrofoam) can possibly be damaged by the birds themselves. With a good primer we 'sealed' the EPS, sanded it and then provided it with a polyurea hot spray system from Tecnopol. Waterproof and vandal-... eh bird-proof!

The owner of the aviary then provided the walls with a coat of paint of his own and a sanding session to give it a rough look.
In the meantime, the panels have already been mounted and the tropical beo's and brown-tailed minla's fly through the aviaries like they've never done anyhting else.

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