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Segbroek College in The Hague is so state of the art modern that it besides an auditorium also has a 'chill room' where students can study in the breaks with a book or a laptop, or simply to ... 'chill out'!

Their college wardrobe was transformed in 2014 by T and W architects to this current 'intermission paradise'. Very cool but unfortunately it became clear after a while that the kids loved this place so much that at the end of the year they already saw signs of useage in the paint. Scratches, dents and other damage were the result of these intensive 'daily breaks'.

The help of Kunststsof Coatings Netherlands was inevitable. Because who is better in making something 'vandal proof'?
In short, at the moment, we are now so busy removing the existing finish, then the furniture is treated with a sprayed plastic coating system based on polyurea and then painted with 2k lacquer based on polyurethane. Thereby damaging the furnishings through intensive use will be minimized. New skool!

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