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DESIGN | Last week the prestigious design festival, Dutch Design Week, took place. Famous design artist  Maarten Baas openend his own exposition inclusing a pop-up restaurant and even a haute cuisine soup shack! The soup that was being served in the latter was from no other than star chef Sergio herman.

Maarten Baas mad a party in stead of an exposition. It was called 'Maarten Baas Makes TIme' and next to his latest work it showed works by many awesome befriended artists like Jurgen Bey, Kiki van Eijk and Theo Jansen. Far out!
But thats not all the 'party'had to offer. Maarten got help from yet another artist, namely world famous chef  Sergio Herman.
Herman served the creme de la creme in Maartens own designed pop-up restaurant from his own designed dinnerware. And for the people tyhat did not have a reservation in this unque installment, there was the soup shack. Offcourse, you did not get multiple courses but we think it was the best soup ever!

We helped Maarten Baas his production house,  DHPH, with the coating and topcoating of his typical clay elements. 

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