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TURQUOISE | I dont know if its a hype or anything but we had to apply a lot of turquoise topcoats lately. Yoga studio's, school furniture and now shower rooms of a hotel for students. I must be a trend :)

Anyway, last week in we had the pleasure to go to the Student Hotel just outside the city center of Rotterdam. The purpose of these trips was to apply our polyurea coating on a number of changing rooms. We had to make it waterproof because there were also shower cabins in these rooms.

It was a real challenge because there wasnt a lot of room to stash our equipment and stuff (machines, coating drums, hoses, cables, lamps and fume extractors). The rooms that we had to coat were big enough but the corridors that lead to these rooms were small to say the least.

Nevertheless it all worked out just fine. We put on a few milimeters of waterprofing polyurea coating and then a nice layer of turquoise topcoat. It all compliments this very hip and happening student hotel :)


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