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Since 1984, the family company Hart Beach Surf School and Surf Shop has been located in beach city Scheveningen.

And from now on, they are also based on the Scheveningen beach itself! A very professional surf school with an awesome beach pad.

So we provided the sanitary facilities (changing rooms, toilets and showers) of this surf school with a seamless coating.
Logically every day surfer dudes and dudettes drag in buckets and buckets of beach sand inside these facilities (seen on some photographs) when they go and take a shower or change clothes after their surf lessons. The only solution to clean this space each day is simply a high pressure cleaner to clean all these areas with high pressure and a lot of fresh water. Thats possible now since all the floors, walls and ceilings are coated completely seamless with a gray (floor) and white (walls and ceiling) polyurea coating.

We have left the material of the walls rough so that the finished design / structure of the wood can be seen through the coating. We did this so it will fit together with the interior of the beach pavilion itself. This just gives that little bit of style and atmosphere in a space that is meant for more practical reasons. Everything closes seamlessly so we can speak of a space that is completely water- and dust-proof!

This location is worth visiting in the spring or summer. A really laid-back surfer pavilion to chill out. With a spacious terrace, stylish and very friendly service. We recommend the fair trade cappuccino and hamburgers! :)

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