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TV | It's summer and that calls for 'outdoor television''. Truckloads of reporters that go criss cross around the country to report the news, camera teams that visit the different music festivals, and sporting events that desperatly need reporting.
Usually when this happens there is a company involved like Dutch Television Services who provide large energy powered containers that facilitate sound, light and all the other equipment that is needed to make live television recodings possible. ANd these special 'standing containers' are no light weight fella's.
But thats no problem because special companies like DTS can handle heavy dutie containers like no other. What they do is attach retractable legs to these containers. This way the truck that carries them can put them down easily. And the recordings are done, the truck drives underneath the container and let the legs retract. Easy peasy!
Only the process of putting on the container and taking it off is fairly rough. And thats where we come in. We spray coating on the part that gets damaged the most. So that would be the part where the container hits the truck.SO thanks to our durable coating these containers and trucks will last a whole lot longer

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