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INNOVATION | We recently have become the official Dutch distributor of  Tecnopol from Spanje. So from now on we can use and sell their program of specialez pure polyurea's and other coatings, exclusively for The Netherlands. We are very proud of this because we have been working a lot with these materials and we can say they are one by one beautiful coatings.

Does this mean we dont use or sell Turbo Liner anymore? No, not at all. It only means we do both of them :)
Turbo Liner still is one of the best brands of polyurea hotsprays there is. Namely for the automotive branch! We will use and advice Tecnopol for industrial uses and construction applications.

At the moment we are very busy with a special Dutch Tecnopol website were we will put on all the information regarding the new coatings. We'll keep you posted!

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