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Material Xperience 2018 is over. It were three beautifull days though.

Our understanding is that there were around 8.500 visitors at the event. Offcourse the there werent only exhibitors that had material for interior and exterior needs but also packaging, graphic design, fashion, mobility and even more. That means that the majority of the visitors was not entirely our target audience. But that doesnt mean we didnt have good time preaching the polyurea gospel to a bunch of very interested people. The last few days we sent away a lot of information packages and samples to the people that gave their businesscard.

In those three days we took with us a few cool examples of polyurea application:

- A shower mock-up to show polyurea is perfect in wet spaces when applied seemless. Some parts were dissected so you could see the build up: filler, primer, coating, and topcoat.

- A brick wall (made out of EPS) to show that we can waterproof entire facades of buildings. On the inside we painted over the coating with a chalk paint to show you can make wonderfull lifelike objects with styrofoam and polyurea. Perfect for theming and event branches.

- Concrete tiles sprayed with different coatings and even concrete tiles fused together with coating and mastic to demonstrate the bridging of expansion joints.

- A designer cabinet to show polyureaisnt only for industrial use but can also be used to protect sthings and even make them esthetically attarictive with the right post-processing like very fine sanding, texturing, beautifull colored topcoats and gloss levels. Artists and designers are often seen customers at KCN.

- Big woorden hexagon tiles with our logo milled into them and then coated with polyrea. It showed that our coating exactly follows the shape of the surface. We also showed two different structures. Half of the tiles had a spray texture and the other half were smooth.

- We also made a planter out of EPS to show you can make classy and watertight stuff with just a little styrofoam and coating.

Anyway; we made a lot of demo's to make sure we didnt came emptyhanded and the visitors loved it. We did to! So maybe till next year!

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