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We already have a fine selection of polyurea coatings. All with different properties that can handle a wide array of applications. And last year when we became official Tecnopol dealer we even got more magical polyurea coating. The new expanding polyurea is one of those.

We are talking about TECNOCOAT P2049-EX. It's a foaming 2-component pure polyurea hotspray. Tecnocoat P-2049 EX forms a thermic insulating protective coating which expands 3 to 5 times in volume and it's used primarily as waterproof membrame on roofing.

In countries like France, Spain, Greece and Italy.people have it bad when the weatherman predicts hail. Because in these copuntries hailstones can be as big a golf balls! Crazy! You can understand the roofing of buildings can get some gnarly damage. Thats why this coating has been developed. It's waterproofing and it absorbses the blow. Damage and sound!

So this is very interesting coating for construction projects but also for acoustic applications and who knows what else! This stuff is pretty amazing. And it's a very new product so we are very happy to get to experiment with it! We'll keep you posted if we find any special uses for Tecnocoat 2049-EX. Oh, and if you think you have a great use for it, then please give us a call because we can always send you a sample.

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