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In Science Center NEMO's new exhibition 'Hydro', visitors discover how they can take as much energy from water. The exhibition 'Wet lands' showed the visitors already experienced what is involved in the water treatment process. This is expanded with an interactive game about the struggle against water. How common dry feet are for the Dutch, but secure living is not that obvious. By playing the game "Fight against water 'visitors discover how smart they can deal with the management of water and how to prevent floods. By deploying ground and dry pumps pieces of land or raising dikes ensure that the country is not flooded. This new exhibition part has been developed with the support of partners Waternet and Water Board Amstel, GooiVecht and designed in collaboration with Monobanda PLAY and our client Perspekt Studios. Kunststof Coatings Netherlands provided the polyurea coating for this special 'water table' so that the surface is perfect for the projected 'game' and will not be broken by the hundreds of visitors each day.

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