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SPRING| The days are getting longer, the sun pops up more and more, flowers are flourishing and all kind of cute animals appear. Lams, piglets,youg kittsen, huge ass monster ants, calves and so on! Spring it is!

There is a reason that the company  Unbranded isone of our favorite partners, its because they make crazy cools tuff like this giant ant :)
It's so big it has its own saddle for people to sit on. Cool huh?
Unbranded is a company that creates unique concepts for marketing projects, museum displays, theater- and film productions. They made this ant from metal and we coated it black. A durable polyurea coating is very important for this great beast because this ant has to work like a horse the upcoming months. Loads of children (and probably adults like me) are going to sit on it. But luckily ants can carry 50 times their own weight!

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