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Liesbos Projects asked us to manufacture façade elements from an EPS / Polyurea system for a new construction to be realized for Kunststof Plus in Zoetermeer. All this in accordance with a particularly elementary design, with an area of ​​approximately 200 m2.
The elements were custom-made by our subsidiary company EPS-Solutions from robust EPS 250 material. First with our hotwire cutting machine and then attached to each other by hand and finished with special glue, filler and a lot of sanding.
The elements were provided with an adhesive primer and then treated in our spray booths with a thick layer of polyurea plastic coating with a spray structure. We used a hybrid polyurea system from Tecnopol for this.
Finally, the elements were painted in 3 different colors (yellow, gray and light gray) with a topcoat of high quality.
The elements were transported to a location in Zoetermeer and assembled and fixed by the contractor there using a polymer glue kit. As you can see in the photo, all yellow segments are horizontally attached to the facade and the gray segments are used vertically as columns. Striking but sleek and modern.

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