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WireTrim ProLine

ProLine is the original double-sided edge-cutting tape, known for its unique high-tack, co-polymer adhesive that sticks instantly while allowing for unlimited repositioning. This is our most popular trimming tape and has become the industry standard, used to trim virtually every type of spray-on truck liner. ProLine can be used to trim everything from medium durometer polyurethane, applied with a low pressure spray system at room temperature, to high durometer polyureas, applied with high pressure at elevated temperatures.

The fine crepe-paper body of ProLine tape allows the applicator to tear the tape manually and position it around curves and irregular surfaces with ease. The unique thickness and body of ProLine enables precise placement and conformity to nearly any shape or surface. The high-tack adhesive also serves to hold the tape in place while sanding or scuffing along the edge and importantly, keeps the filament edge tight to the surface, eliminating a spray-on coating from passing below and past the cutting edge.

ProLine was developed to perform perfectly. The fine paper tape enables access to the filament by hand-tearing of the tape and also permits the filament to glide through the tape and coating without pulling the tape away from the surface prematurely.

1/4 inch wide x 100 foot roll

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